On a multi-section home, how is the wind load transferred across each section?


Once the sections are in place and reasonably level with each other, the marriage line floor joist is lag bolted to the other section(s) usually every 3 feet or so. The sides are jacked up to a bit past level, then the roof marriage line is bolted together. Some manufacturers call for lag bolts while others use galvanized metal straps.

The final part, once the entire home is leveled up, is to anchor the frame members to the ground with helical earth auger type anchors and metal straps attached to the frame members. Usually these are every 10 feet or so the length of the home and with the metal strap at a 45* angle to the frame.

There are other methods besides earth anchors used depending on what is allowed by local codes and what the manufacturer mandates. Properly built homes, (for their specific HUD Wind Zone area), and anchored in accordance with codes and manufacturer requirements can withstand upwards of 100 mph sustained wind, (Zone II requirements, 110 mph Zone III).


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