What is a manufactured home?

A manufactured home is a complete home for permanent, year-round living. It is constructed in a factory that complies with a building code, developed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). A complete house, or sections, is then transported to a retailer's premises for display and sale.

A manufactured home has a structural frame or chassis that supports the complete unit of walls, floor, and roof. Underneath is a running gear consisting of wheels, axles, and brakes for transportation to the homesite which are removed and the home is then set on a permanent foundation.

A manufactured home is different from a travel trailer, in that a trailer can be towed behind the family car. Manufactured homes are not built for traveling and cannot be towed by the family car. They are built to be a permanent residence, although they can be transported to different sites by professional movers. A manufactured home is no longer called a mobile home.


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