Why is vinyl siding used so much in manufactured homes?

Vinyl siding has been used quite extensively in the last few years for 3 main reasons.
  • Most of it has a 50 year warranty.
  • It is easier and cheaper for the factories to install.
  • It is almost maintenance free.
Vinyl siding has been proven to be an efficient siding in all extremes. It is easy to install, reasonably priced, needs virtually no maintenance by the homeowner and comes in a variety of colors and textures.

If you do not like or want vinyl siding there are a number of other options. You can still get real wood siding, grooved plywood as well as cedar, redwood and a number of other siding materials. Ask the dealers in your area what other options they offer and then get all the information on them that you can before making a decision on which you would prefer.

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