Transporting a manufactured home

In most instances, your home will be transported first from the factory to the retail manufactured home dealership. Sometimes, if you ordered the home instead of buying a home already at the dealership, it can be delivered to the homesite itself. The dealer will normally check the home for any damage incurred during transport from the factory, after all, it is his until it is sold. If you are buying a home from his lot however, you can't take this for granted so be sure to do a walkthrough with the dealer before signing any contract. Make sure any damage found is repaired before buying the home.

Bringing the home to the site

If any damage occurs while the home is being transported to the homesite, the transport company is usually the one responsible.

Once again, it is important for you to make sure the transportation of your home from the dealership is warranted, IN WRITING, by the transport company.

Check the home after it has been delivered and if you find any damage, report it to the transport company as soon as possible, before the warranty runs out.

This type of warranty usually isn't for a long period of time so it is important to report anything quickly.

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