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If you need more information on Manufactured or Modular Homes, other types of homes, how to locate dealers that sell them, information on getting the best mortgage rates or buying the perfect home for you, there are over 400 pages on this website to help you and more are added from time to time.

This section has a variety of information to help you before - and after - buying a home. The second section of this website concentrates on information that will help you before buying a home, to make the buying process as simple as possible and help you "Realize your dream."

PLEASE NOTE* All of the charities you will see on this website are here because we support them. We do not get anything for placing them here, most of them do not even know they are on here. We appreciate your support for them as well but if you'd like to check on a charity to see how good it is, below is a link to a place where you can do that. Thank you!

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There's a section on nutrition and fun stuff for kids, too!
There's even some recipes and a garden section as well.

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