Maintaining the siding of your
manufactured or modular home

Vinyl Siding:

You can usually clean vinyl siding with a water hose. If you have stains that are hard to remove, you can use a soft-bristled, long handled brush. Household detergent mixed with water can be used. In areas troubled with mildew you can mix in a quart of chlorine bleach with 3/4 gallon of water and the detergent.

Be very careful when using chlorine bleach. It is dangerous to mix it with some chemicals.

Start at the bottom and work up. I have never understood this reasoning but it is what is recommended. Allow the cleaning solution to remain on for several minutes then rinse.

Finished wood walls:

Wood exteriors and trim must be painted or stained occasionally to maintain water resistance and to retain their attractive appearance. Use water-based latex paints and stains.

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