Selling your manufactured home

If you decide to sell your manufactured home there are several steps you will need to take:
  • Call your finance company to determine how much you still owe on your home - how much is the payoff amount.

  • Next, determine the value of your home. You can go to a local dealer of manufactured homes and ask them to find the value for you. If you will be purchasing a home from them after selling your existing home they will probably be glad to do this for free. If not, they may expect a small fee. Some banks may have a Blue Book and some local libraries may have one as well. A recommended alternative is to have a licensed appraiser appraise your home. The average cost for this service is around $200-$300.

  • Now it is time to write an ad. Since newspapers usually place the ads alphabetically try to lead off with a word that starts with an "A." Place the ad in your local paper. Be prepared to give directions to the home, the price and a time that will be mutually agreeable for you to show the home.

  • Buy some "For Sale" signs and put at least one in a front window and one in the yard in plain view. This will make the home easy to locate.

  • It is a good idea to know of a manufactured home banker that you can recommend to the potential buyers.

NEVER let a buyer assume or take over your payments on your current loan. If they do not make the payments it is YOUR credit rating that will be ruined!


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