Maintaining the roof of your
manufactured or modular home

Metal roofs:
If you have a metal roof, it is probably made from galvanized steel sheets that have been fastened together.

You should examine your roof periodically. Using a long-handled brush occasionally to remove debris is recommended.

Do not walk directly on the roof. If you MUST get on the roof, put your weight only on boards that are at least 4 feet long and are capable of carrying your weight. Place these boards lengthwise on the roof.

Roof seams, joints and edges along the side and end walls of the house should be coated with a good quality roof coating at least once a year.

Shingled roofs:
Shingled roofs are made by applying shingles to decking.

You should examine the roof regularly and remove any debris that has accumulated.

All joints at vents and at any place where you have anything that comes through the roof, should be coated once a year with a good quality roof coating.

Heavy accumulations of snow and ice should not be allowed as this may cause "dams" that can trap water and could leak back under the shingles, causing a roof leak.

Broken or missing shingles should be replaced or it could lead to leaks.

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