Buying repossessed manufactured or modular homes

Repossessed manufactured or modulat homes are often great buys and sometimes offer a solution to buying a home on a limited budget. These homes usually have any repairs made to them - if necessary - prior to selling. They may even have limited warranties. Be sure to ask if it has any kind of warranty or not. Also, be sure to GET IT IN WRITING. Do not take the salesperson's word on anything. If it isn't written into the contract it probably is NOT included.

To locate repossessed manufactured or modular homes, (or "repos"), for sale, check with local dealers and see if they carry them. If you need more information about dealers in your area, there is a list of addresses for the state associations in the First Section of this website. You will find it listed in the Table of Contents. They should be able to help you locate dealers and other information.

Check with local banks, too. They, of course, will not have the homes they have repossessed in their parking lot but they have to have SOMEONE to sell these homes for them. They should be able to tell you who sells them in their area.

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