Refinancing A Manufactured Home

If you are thinking about refinancing your home, plan on doing basically what you had to do when you got your initial home loan. Shop around, find the best interest rate and someone who will work well with you. It is a good idea to pay long enough on the initial loan to establish a payment history and also to build equity in your home before trying to refinance. We would recommend paying for at least a year before trying to refinance. If you still owe more on the home than they are willing to lend you then it would be a useless effort.

Beware of all these places that advertise that lenders will compete for your loan, (we won't mention any names but you know who they are). Don't expect to see them duking it out at your front door like you do on TV. Your loan is submitted to lenders that will take the type of loan you are applying for and if they think they can work with you, they will contact you. It's simple. If you have bad credit you need to find someone willing to work with you. Not too many places will want to take you under their wing and very few, if any, will fight to get your account in this case.


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