Is a manufactured/modular home
considered real property?

The various states and sometimes counties have their own regulations on this. Generally a manufactured home is registered similar to an auto when it leaves the factory and through delivery from the dealership to the placement site. In some states it will remain with a title registration until a home owner contacts the local taxing authority and requests that it be included with the land as real property.

Other jurisdictions may automatically transfer everything to the real property tax rolls. In most instances, if the manufactured home is placed on a rental lot, as in a manufactured home community, it will not be taxed as real property.

When you buy a manufactured home and place it on land that you own or will be buying, the loan company or bank will most likely require it to be setup as real property. There are advantages and disadvantages to both being titled and to being setup as real property. Depending upon where you live, what your individual situation is and what your state and local tax requirements are, you will have some choice in this decision.

You should contact your local taxing authority to find out the particulars and requirements. They should be able to give you all the information you need or where to find it.

Also, contact a knowledgeable tax accountant to find the best way to proceed for the best tax advantage.

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