Prices on manufactured homes

When you understand why people do what they do, you can figure out how to work with them. You can do that by putting yourself in their shoes.

Try to imagine for a moment that you are the owner of a business that sells a line of products. A customer comes in and asks, "How much are your products?" What is the first thing you will think? Probably you will wonder WHICH PRODUCT they are asking about. Until you know what they want you can't answer that question HONESTLY.

You will probably not take the person seriously, either. Most people who ask this question, and don't specify what they are asking about, don't buy anything. People in sales know this because it happens too many times to ignore. I know this is pretty blunt but it is true and WILL affect the saleperson's thoughts and actions.

Do yourself a favor, before asking for a price, give the salesperson an idea of what you are looking for and ask to see what is available. Discuss any additional options or features you would like. Until the salesperson knows exactly what you want you can't expect them to be able to give you an actual, honest price. They will be more likely to take you seriously and do more to help you, too. Help THEM help YOU.

You also open yourself up to be taken advantage of by salespersons who use unethical methods. (Fortunately there aren't too many of them out there but there ARE some and you need to be careful).

For example, if you ask a salesperson at a home dealership, "How much are your homes?" He/she might jump at the opening you have left and the conversation might go something like this:   "How much? How MUCH? Why, I can put you in the sweetest home you ever seen for just $329 a month!" Then, perhaps, he/she will proceed to take you through the most expensive home on the lot, conveniently forgetting to mention that this is NOT the one that will cost $329 a month.

Also, all those beautiful options you are looking at as you walk through probably do NOT come with the home at the price quoted. The furniture, art, landscaping, the fancy microwave all look nice in the home - but are they included in the price?

Don't open yourself up to this kind of predicament. Have a reasonable idea of what you want and what it should cost. Discuss it with the salesperson, including all the little extras you want and then be absolutely sure that EVERYTHING IS IN WRITING before signing anything. You could end up getting a stripped down version of what you looked at PLUS get a separate bill for the delivery and setup because you didn't make sure it was all in the contract before you signed it.

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