Pets are family, too!

If you are buying a new home and placing it on your own land, then the question of whether or not you can own a pet probably will not come up. However, if you are thinking about buying a home in a manufactured home community or buying one and having it installed in a community, you will need to check into their rules about pets.

In some communities it will be no problem. In others you may have only certain types of pets and in some communities, you are not allowed to have pets at all. You cannot assume that your pet will be welcome. It is something you will definitely need to check into.

You will also have to provide a means of keeping your pet safely restrained whether you are letting them out in your yard or walking them. Every location has its own rules and regulations and you need to make sure you know them. Following these rules will ensure a happier and safer environment for you, your pet and your neighborhood.

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