Can I move my manufactured home to another location - another state?

If there is a chance that you might relocate your home to another state, find out about state laws covering transportation of manufactured homes. Some states, particularly eastern states, have certain regulations, such as weight, size, or width limitations, that may prevent you from moving your home. Before you purchase, check with the appropriate authorities in the states through which you may want to transport your home. Firms specializing in the moving of manufactured homes usually have offices in major cities and can be found listed in the yellow pages. Of course, if you do move your home you will be faced with extra expenses. Besides transporting costs, which include licensing fees to take your home through a state, escort cars, permits and tolls, you again will have the cost of foundation construction, installation, and utility hookups. After any move, check the home to see if any damage has occurred.

Another important factor:  Certain areas of the country have special installation requirements. Northern states require additional insulation and reinforced construction of the roof for additional snow loading. Most coastal areas require additional anchoring considerations. Before you have a home built you need to keep in mind where it will be going and what requirements that area will have. These features are available at the time the home is built. To move a home from one location to another the home must meet the requirements of the final destination.

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