Manufactured Home Manuals

On March 22, 1977, HUD issued a rule that requires home manufacturers to provide a consumer manual with each home that enters the first stage of production on, or after, June 30, 1977. The purpose of this rule, is to make sure that home buyers are provided with information for proper home maintenance, avoiding potential safety hazards, and make them aware of remedies available under the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974.

This manual must be clear and understandable, although no specific outlines are set. It must have an index to make it easy for the homeowners to find any information pertinent to any part of the home package.

The manual must cover the following topics: an explanation of the Act, the federal home construction and safety standards, and the remedies available to the consumer. Also, it must state the location of the dataplate and explain the significance of the information printed on it; list the approved or conditionally approved state administrative agencies; and indicate that any questions concerning the Act or consumer's rights may be directed to the local, or Washington, D.C., HUD office.

Also, the manual must state:

  • If a written warranty covering the home is provided and describe its terms, conditions, and exclusions
  • Recommended procedures for setting up and anchoring
  • Explanations and cautions about fire, wind and systems safety factors
  • Proper maintenance and when professional skills should be required
  • Advice about relocation of the home and the recommendation that professional assistance be used
  • Advice on acquiring adequate and appropriate insurance from an insurance company

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