How long do manufactured and modular homes last
if kept in good condition?

As a general rule, a well kept, properly maintained manufactured or modular home is considered as good, and in some instances better, than a stick, (site built), home. The life span is comparable to site built and they are generally built better than tract homes.

Any home, no matter what kind it is, needs to be maintained and well cared for. Roofs, interior and exterior walls as well as the interior of the home inspected, repaired, repainted or whatever, should be done as needed and plumbing and electrical checked to make sure everything is working properly.

About the only difference is that a manufactured home should be releveled once in a while, as needed. Of course with a site built home, if it gets out of level or plumb one would be looking at a much larger bill to fix the problem. Modular homes should also be checked occasionally.

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