Checking to see if the home is level

Even if your home has been setup properly it is recommended that you check to see if it is still level 6 months after setup and once a year thereafter, unless you notice a problem before that time.

Some things that COULD mean the home is not level are:

  • Doors and windows not closing properly or sticking - but it could mean they need adjusting
  • Doors swinging open or closed - but, once again, it could mean the door needs adjusting
  • Oil or water in your cooking vessels pooling up on one side - but this could mean the STOVE needs adjusting
  • The "feel" of the home. Do you feel like the floor is going up or downhill when you walk on it?
  • More than normal "settling noises"

Check the adjustment of the doors, windows and/or stove first. If you can't find anything wrong with them then check the level of the home.

Some things that DEFINITELY tell you the house is not level are:

  • Bathtubs are not draining properly
  • Sinks are not draining properly
  • Gutters are not draining properly
  • Ceilings and walls are separating
  • Your dishes slide off your table and dump dinner into the floor
  • Your Jello mold came out lopsided and all the fruit is on one side
  • When your children play Chinese Checkers, the marbles roll into the floor and across the house
  • Your Pet Rock finally moved - ALL BY ITSELF!
  • You roll out of bed into the floor - more often than you used to
  • Your books keep falling out of the bookshelf for no apparent reason
  • (Okay - I guess that's enough when I start getting silly)

All joking aside, you can use a carpenter's level to check your home, preferably one that is 8 foot long. Start at one end of the house and work toward the other end of the house to see if it is off in that direction. Then go across the width of the house, laying the level in the middle of each room.

If you find that your home is no longer level, unless you have done this type of job before, it would be wise to let a professional take care of it. It is dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.

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