How would you get a
manufactured/modular home to an island?

Any manufactured home can be shipped. Getting it on and off the ship/ferry is a different subject.

We were contacted some time ago from Alaska and they wanted to have one shipped from Seattle via sea. We found that the process is generally not cost effective for most.

It involves arranging with a shipper usually by barge/tug, loading/unloading the home, which sometimes involves a large crane. Then you would have to arrange a setup crew to install the home once it arrives. The docking facilities at the island may or may not handle a barge or the weight/height of a manufactured home and unloading could be a problem.

The first step in the process would be to talk with shipping companies that service your area. The ferry that services the island might be able to handle the weight of the home. Check with the company that owns it. If you couldn't locate one that would be interested in talking to you about this project, there wouldn't be much point in going further.

Once you find a company that is interested, you would need to choose the home, do the site prep, ship and setup the home. Also be certain you purchase a home that is built to your expected Wind and Temperature Zones, (according to HUD regulations).

Above all, make certain EVERYTHING IS IN WRITING.

All aspects need to be spelled out, detailing what is expected of all concerned parties. Never assume that what a salesman told you will actually happen otherwise.

We don't envy you your task. There are so many factors to consider in the purchase and setup of a manufactured home under routine conditions. Your circumstances, while not impossible, are daunting at best. Attention to detail is the key and researching as much information about the island, facilities, height restrictions, etc, is absolutely critical in avoiding major problems in the middle of a move.

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