HUD Code and manufactured homes

All manufactured homes built for sale in the United States after June 15, 1976, must conform to the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards established by HUD.

The federal standard covers the following basic parts of the home's construction: planning considerations, (including ceiling heights, light, ventilation, and exit facilities); fire safety, (smoke detection systems, pop-out egress windows and flame spread limitations); body and frame testing, (such as structural load tests and test procedures for roof trusses); thermal protection; plumbing systems; electrical systems; and transportation, (covering such things as design of the house to withstand damage due to vibration and buckling on the highway when being transported).

If the home is built according to the federal standard, the following items must be displayed to assure the buyer that the structure is built as specified:

  • A seal, affixed to the house specifying that the manufacturer has built the house in compliance with the HUD standard.
  • A diagram provided by the manufacturer must show the required number and position of placement piers. It must also show the positioning for anchoring devices.
  • A certificate must be posted inside the home to tell what performance can be expected from the heating system, within a specified range of outside temperature and wind velocity.
  • Maps must be included as part of the certificate, mentioned above, indicating the energy efficiency zone for which the home was built, the home's resistance to wind, and snow loads that the roof can be expected to withstand, provided the home has been properly anchored, in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

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