A brief history of manufactured and modular homes

Manufactured home history
Today's manufactured home has a long, reputable history of filling America's demand for affordable housing that not only meets the homeowner's needs but is also pleasing to the eye.

Airstream Mobile Home.In the 1920s -
"Trailer Coaches" were built for travelers on vacation who wanted something better and faster than a tent to sleep in when they arrived at a camping area.

After World War II -
When our Veterans came home they found affordable housing and jobs basically nonexistent. The industry fulfilled their needs by building homes that were large enough to house a whole family, yet mobile enough to move the trailer to a new job location and inexpensive enough for almost anyone.

In the 1960s. -
Americans wanted even more out of their homes. The demand was for bigger trailers with more conveniences and the new fancy appliances that were being produced for the modern consumer. From this was born the mobile home. Mobile homes were bigger, had a better appearance and met the needs and demands of young homeowners making their place in the world. Mobile homes were built in the 60s and early 70s.

A modern Manufactured Home

In June, 1976 -
The United States Congress passed the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Act (42 U.S.C.). This means, since 1976, HUD assures that all homes are built to the rigid, consistent national standards it enforced back then and still does today.

The terms "trailer home," "trailer coaches" or just plain "trailer" are no longer used. The term "mobile home" isn't either as they aren't mobile any longer except to transport them to their set up site. The 'proper name of these modern homes is now "Manufactured Homes."

Since then -
The same industry that created the trailer coach, trailer and mobile home has evolved into the manufactured housing industry of today, better meeting the needs and desires of the homeowner and helping them realize their dream.

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