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Handicapped Accessibility
Manufactured/Modular Homes

At this time, there are only a couple of manufacturers that will actually build a really accessible home for the truly handicapped. However, the homes that are built are done so in such a manner as to provide minimal coverage of the laws for handicapped access.

Generally speaking, most manufacturers will not make extensive changes in order to accommodate handicapped persons but will do some changes such as putting in wider doors, such as 36 in. throughout, placing handicapped faucets, toilets, assist bars for tubs etc. Some will even lower counters and cook top surfaces so they are more accessible. Most manufacturers have pull out shelving available.

Almost anything that a manufacturer does when changing anything in a home, is an extra charge if for nothing more than labor costs. Any structural changes have to be authorized by H.U.D. and design and engineering fees paid for those changes.

If you are really interested in a handicapped access home, the best thing to do, as always, is to check with dealers and see what they have to offer and what the home would cost as you would want it. We strongly advise people to do this anyway instead of purchasing a "lot" model that has been sitting around a long time with all kinds of people walking through it. This would also give you the chance to pick a floorplan that best suits your needs. Choosing the right floorplan is a crucial step toward accessibility.

As always, we remind you to GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!


We have now included a page on SERVICE ANIMALS.
If you have need of one, please Click Here

We received an email from someone with some helpful information to pass along. This is from C. M. -
Subject: Horton Homes out of GA

"In 2004 they were very helpful in making one of their model at least reasonably handicap accessable at that time. It was for my father-in-law so the whole unit didn't have to comply. But we had doors 36" and the bath where it accommodates a wheelchair by removing the glamore tub and adding a closet, had all exterior doors where we could ger a stretcher out of them, and a few more majorly important things we thought he might need.
So it never hurts to ask."

The Rockfall Company, LLC

The Rockfall Company, LLC. is a building company and modular home dealer who can build and renovate homes for handicapped needs.
They are based in central Connecticut. They are in the process of starting a modular handicapped addition for some people in Bristol, CT.
The Rockfall Company, LLC has two, Certified Age in Place Specialists (C.A.P.S), on staff to assist in design and needs assessments for the client.
They can service the New England Area (CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, NY, ME).

Click here to visit their website

For those of you in Missouri, Illinois and the surrounding areas, here's a
link to a place that custom builds homes and additions.

Home Source Custom Homes
HomeSource Remodeling & Custom Homes

Prairie View Industries, Inc. says they will be glad to help you
find a dealer in your area for their products. Visit their website:

For those who live in the Houston, Texas area, this might be helpful:

Visit Adaptive Access Today!

Here is a place that might be of interest to you - Hygienicare.
There is a lot of interesting information here.

Click Here to Visit Hygienicare

ATTENTION Students with Disabilities:
I recently received this letter -

"Here at AccreditedOnlineColleges.org, we recently published our 2016 College Resources for Students with Disabilities. Since the Americans with Disabilities Act enacted in the late 90's, many social barriers have been removed or reduced, yet there is still a ways to go. In the course of our research, we found that most student with disabilities were not fully aware of educational rights, grants, and education resources that are available for them. So we decided to create a user-friendly guide that explores legal provisions as well as a comprehensive listing of scholarships and grants designed specifically to support their higher education pursuits. We hope our guide will not only answer common questions, but allow those living with disabilities the opportunity to leverage educational benefits and feel empowered to continue to lead fulfilling lives."

I thought this would be an excellent resource and hope it helps a lot of people.
You can find that guide By Clicking Here

Thank you Sherry! God bless you!

I received this in an email - "Oak Creek Mobile Homes has floor plans specifically for those with wheel chairs or other accessibility issues. They will also change all other floor plans to make them accessible if you are looking at one of their other plans."

Click Here to visit their website

I was contacted by Rose who had some amazing resources that help people not only understand their rights, but gives them access to programs that can help with housing and homewnership. There are several listed below:

Home ownership for-people with disabilities

Home ownership for-people with disabilities #rights for disabled homeowners

Home ownership for-people with disabilities #programs that can help home buyers-with disabilities

Home ownership for-people with disabilities #federal programs

Home ownership for-people with disabilities #resources by state

More from thesimpledollar.com and Gabrielle...
Disability Benefits Guide

Disability Benefits Guide/#social-security-disability-benefit-calculator

Thank you Rose, Gabrielle and thesimpledollar.com!

This link doesn't pertain to housing but Tyson Stevens at Edsmart.org thought it would be good for students with disabilities and after looking at it, I think it would, too. If you think it would be helpful, here is the link -

Winning in College: A Guide for Students with Disabilities

Thank you Tyson!

Laura wanted to share this link with those who need help getting a loan:

Mortgage & Refinance Guide for People with Disabilities

Thank you Laura!

Christina from MoneySavingPro.com would like to share the following link with you:

Social Security Disability Benefits Information

Anyone who knows of a dealer or manufacturer who will modify homes to make them handicapped accessible please contact us. We will pass along the information.

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