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Maintaining the gutter system in your
manufactured or modular home

The reason your home has gutters is to move the water, falling on your roof, away from the foundation. If this isn't done, it could result in damage to the foundation. The damage could be greater or lesser, depending on what type of foundation you have. It also reduces the accumulation of moisture from under the house. It helps protect landscaping, siding, skirting and is beneficial in many ways.

If the gutters become clogged they can no longer do what they were installed to do. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis, the frequency depending on your situation.

If you live in an area with many trees, fallen leaves can quickly become a deterent to proper drainage. In areas that do not have as much tree cover, cleaning frequently won't be as necessary.

Failure to clean your gutter system could result in structural damage to the roof. This would happen when the water has no where else to go.

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