Making Changes to Floorplans for
Manufactured and Modular Homes

Occasionally, a manufacturer will allow changes to be made to their floorplans within reason. You will need to discuss the possiblity of changes with the salesperson you are working with. Below are a few examples of possible changes.

Sometimes you will find a floorplan that is almost perfect for your needs - IF - it had a minor change or two. Some changes are possible. For instance, you might want a floorplan reversed, as shown below:

View one.
One view with Master Bedroom on the right.

View two.
Another view with the floorplan reversed, or flipped,
so that the Master Bedroom is on the left.

Some nonstructural walls can be removed to enlarge or expand a room. Walls can sometimes be added, to subdivide a room or expand a closet if room permits. Loadbearing walls cannot be changed. The salesperson should be able to tell you which walls, if any, can be changed.

At times a bathtub can be replaced with a shower and, if large enough to permit it, a shower can be replaced with a bathtub if desired. Usually, most plumbing is kept in one section of a manufactured home because it is easier for the assembly line crews to deal with. If the plumbing is continued into another section it will cost more because of the extra work involved. Discuss this with the salesperson also.

The location of fireplaces can be changed but you must keep in mind that such a change could mean a different heatflow pattern. Also, if it is moved further away from the door through which you will be bringing in wood it could mean tracking in dirt for a longer distance.

Of course, you don't want to forget that there might be options that could be included that aren't shown on the floorplan. It might be possible to have different doors, windows, cabinetry and several other things that are offered as options. Be sure to ask the salesperson about the options available for that model. There will undoubtedly be extra charges for options but some of them are not expensive and may make all the difference in the world to you and your family.

Another thing that we have encountered is people who want to leave things out of the home such as carpet, linoleum, cabinets etc. Usually the purpose of this is to put it in yourself and save money. However, usually if you leave out something you don't get full credit for it. You would have to consider if the credit - plus the cost of the item AND your time installing it yourself - will save you money.

PLEASE:  do not ask if a manufacturer can build a home for you from a floorplan you got from their competitor. That would be like asking Ford to build a Chevy or vice versa, it's impolite. You would be surprised how many people have asked manufacturers to do this.

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