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Examples of floorplans for manufactured and modular homes - Page 2

Trying to envision what a home will look like is hard to do from a floorplan. Sometimes photos will not be available, especially if you are planning on ordering a home custom built. Sometimes representative photos CAN be seen. Just like ordering a new car, you can look at photos and available models and decide on the features you want. Of course, if you choose a model displayed on a dealership lot, then you will be able to see what you are getting immediately. You must decide if it is acceptable or if ordering the home would be a better way to go. Ordering a home is usually the only way you will get exactly what you want but will take a while longer. It may be well worth the wait. After all, this is a large investment and you should get what you want.

Realize your dream!

Below is an example of a floorplan which also has some photos to go with it. The rooms will be shown with furniture in them. Not all homes come with furniture - keep that in mind. Your manufactured home dealership will be able to tell you what comes in the home. Be sure to ask and then GET IT IN WRITING.

Below the floorplan, you can click on the room you would like to see. It will give you a rough idea of what the room could possibly look like.

Another example of a floorplan.

Modular homes have much the same floorplans but here is one for a little modular cottage, proving that manufactured homes come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles.

Modular Cottage

Modular Cottage

And here is one that has just been set up.

These would be great for the lake,
a mother-in-law home or even an office.





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