Examples of floorplans for manufactured and modular homes

Looking around at all the dealers and their ads I see a lot of them making wild claims all the time. I love this one... "Bring in your own floorplan!!!! We'll customize it to your needs!!!" Yes, they can but at what price? When considering floorplans, you need to be careful about manufacturers who say you may submit your own floorplans or design your own. The word "customization" means only what they want it to.

Floorplans need to be designed by professionals who know what considerations and specifications they will have to deal with. It is expensive and time-consuming to get the approvals and marketing evaluations done. Yes, they CAN let you submit your own floorplans. What they will probably do however is one of two things. 1). Tell you they have one almost exactly like yours!! And try to talk you into that one. 2). Go ahead and submit your plan to an expert and charge you an arm and a leg to get your design on paper and legal. You can get pretty close to what you want that is already designed. There are literally thousands of plans out there and if one dealer doesn't have what you want, there are a lot of dealers around so you have a large choice.

Below is a representative floorplan. It is typical of many that you will see. The red numbers point out some things that might not be quickly understood.

Understanding how to read floorplans.

  1. Dimensions of the rooms.
  2. Furnace.
  3. Water Heater.
  4. Some ammenities are optional and it will state this and show you where it could be located.
  5. Closets - shown with shelving overhead.
  6. Windows - these are shown with their dimensions.
  7. Doors - shown in their open position.
  8. Shaded areas usually mean the "wet" areas - or where the floor is tile or linoleum.

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