Manufactured and modular homes are built in factories

WHY IS FACTORY CONSTRUCTION BETTER? Parts of just about every home built in the United States are factory-built in some way or other.

Even site-built homes may have roof trusses and many other assemblies built in a factory. Why? Because manufactured home builders have found that they can control costs and maintain consistent construction quality by using factory-built components.

The factory construction process is why manufactured homes can offer quality construction at an affordable price. In the factory environment, the construction process is controlled. There are no expensive subcontractors. Teamwork plays an essential role where employees are efficiently and professionally supervised. Inventory can be controlled and materials can be protected from theft and damage. There isn't much trouble with the weather inside a factory, either. Purchases are in volume for additional savings which are then passed on to the homebuyer.

Also, because of the size of the manufactured home industry, it can continually introduce new, innovative and cost-saving building techniques which allows the quality, safety and durability of manufactured homes to steadily improve.

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