Can I buy a manufactured or modular home direct from the factory?

The only way we know that you can bypass a dealership and buy direct from the factory is to become a dealer yourself. You will have to get a dealer's license and possibly be prepared to buy in quantity to get the wholesale price.

Recently I was on the internet and ran into a place that had "Factory Direct" as part of its name. But in its FAQs there was a question asking why you can't buy direct from the factory. The answer was that factories never sell directly to the public. This was, of course, buried a little in their website but it is obvious that they want you to think you can buy "Factory Direct" by putting it in their name. I would call that a misrepresentation of who they are and what they do but you make up your own mind.

Beware of advertising that claims...


Of course they are but for whom? The dealer of course. Would it make much sense for a dealership to buy a home and sell it for the same price? If someone tells you that you are buying direct from the factory maybe you should find someone else to deal with. Even factory-owned dealerships are still dealerships. The homes are still ordered by and delivered to the dealer or to a place specified by the dealer.

Don't even start to kid yourself. There are no non-profit, volunteer dealers. They are in the business to MAKE money, not to donate to charity. Don't let advertising mislead you.

Think smart and buy even smarter.

Here's another thought...

If you are getting factory direct prices, that would have to mean you are AT the factory, not at a place taking delivery from one. It's kind of hard to imagine someone stopping at the factory gate, asking to see their sales manager and buying a home from him/her. Then they would have to back their pickup truck - or car - to the factory doors, hook up and drive away with their home.

It does NOT happen like that. Let's get real.

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