Our aim with this web site is to promote the Manufactured Housing Industry through education. We hope this site will educate future, present and past buyers in all aspects of Manufactured Housing.

We firmly believe any buyer in the United States deserves proper educational literature to assist them in the possible largest investment of their lifetime.

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The land/home development is based on knowledge gained in various states of the United States area and we do not provide pricing for anything or any area. These are only guidlelines! Every county in the U.S. differs in what measures are taken for the setup of a manufactured home.

Contracts, promissory notes and other papers, forms worksheets etc. provided on this web site are to be used as guides, it is the sellers and buyers responsibilities to insure the contracts used in the transfer of homes meet the state and local legal requirements for the legal transfer of homes in the states they reside or practice these activities.

ANZER Enterprises, it's editor, publishing staff, and owner, do not assume responsibility for pricing of Manufactured Homes, land/home packages, etc or commercial practices from any advertised companies on this web site or linked to or from this web site.

Each individual must follow the set up procedures as prescribed by the county in which the home is to be set up. Your county government is in place to assist you with the requirements involved to make your home livable.

Thank you,
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