What is the normal depreciation in value of a manufactured/modular home?

Newer manufactured homes are expected to last 50 years. That, of course, depends on how they are taken care of. Maintenance is so important it is priceless.

A normal, well cared for manufactured home should last as long as a site built home and if the land is appraised with the home, the depreciation should be about the same.

If the home is in a manufactured home community or on rental land, it is generally taxed and depreciated differently.

If you place a new home in a poor, run down neighborhood it will be worth less and probably depreciate in value faster. If in a nice new neighborhood, a home will be worth more and depreciated differently.

The only real way to figure what your depreciation should be is to check the value of similar homes in similar circumstances in your area and compare the values and depreciation's.

Also talk to a knowledgeable accountant in your area as each state and most counties have different guidelines to go by.

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