Dependability - hard to find anymore

It is very hard nowadays to find anyone who will do what they say they will so when Bill and I run into a business that does the right thing we want to help them if we can. We have personally had dealings with the businesses below. We also have a list of the people we found to be NOT dependable, it is at the bottom of the page and is also important so you know who to avoid. What is written here is, of course, our opinions but they are based on our experiences and our belief that people should be held to a certain degree of responsibility and we ask no more of them than we would give ourselves.


Hartland Animal Hospital
6425 S. Jackson Highway
Horse Cave, Ky. 42749
Phone: 270.786.5545

We have had several animals in the past few years, 3 dogs and 8 cats. We know all our animals are in good hands at the Hartland Animal Hospital. Visit their website by clicking on the logo below or on this link.

Quality Care With a Gentle Touch!

We go to Dr Carrie Lush. She is very good with all our babies.


We recently had to have some warranty work done on our stove. Shorty's of Horse Cave was the person who was sent out. They first called to make sure what parts they needed and they called to see if it was a good time for them to come about 3 days before they said they would have the part in. They came when they said they would and called ahead twice. We were very pleased with their service.

Shorty's TV, Appliance and Furniture Inc.
Glasgow, KY 42142
270 773-493


A friend of ours had to have her car checked and called a transmission place that never called her back although she called several times. She ended up calling Doug Wells who returned her call the next day and put her car on his machine to check it. He found nothing wrong with the transmission. For all his trouble he charged her exactly nothing. She asked me to put him in this list because he turned out to be one of the few "good guys."

Wells Trans-Tech
450 Hammondsville Jonesville Rd
Magnolia, KY 42757


John Perkins owns a welding shop called Young and Furlong in Glasgow, KY. After repeated calls to a local welder here in Horse Cave, (see below in the UNDEPENDABLE section), and broken promises of coming out and no calls when they didn't show up, we talked to John who came when he said he would. He had to cancel once due to a funeral, but he called and rearranged another time and was there and did a great job when he came. You can contact him at:

Young and Furlong Welding
640 Reynolds Rd.
Glasgow, KY 42141

***Added note - Jan. 18, 2013 - we needed more work done so we contacted John and he sent his son out. When his son had trouble, he came himself and got the job done. Again, they came when they said they would and although it took more time and materials than he first thought, he didn't charge any extra.


Odell is one of the good guys. He is a good neighbor, he's helpful and friendly and it is obvious his business is good because he always has a lot of big trucks waiting for him in his parking lot. He works on big diesel trucks and tractors.

Odell's Garage
598 Guthrie
Horse Cave, KY 42749


If you need some logging done call:

Marty Miller
At 270 - 786 - 4806
or His cell phone: 270 - 537 - 4205

Marty always called when he said he would, showed up when he said he would, did what he said he would and was very honest and up front in every way.






The propane gas company we get our propane through is probably not the best choice for the person who doesn't like to be lied to. AMERIGAS, in Rowletts, KY, just north of Horse Cave, has misbilled us on many occasions. They send us bills with a certain payment on it such as $40 and when we get there they say it is $50. When we paid the $50, they said it was $75 dollars. They can't keep their records straight. As I write this, we ordered gas over two weeks ago and Bill just called to see what is going on. The girl in the office didn't know why it hadn't been delivered, she had been out for 4 days but she found the ticket laying on her desk.

On top of that. you can't catch them open most of the time when you go to pay your bill. During regular business hours they can be closed without any warning, no sign on the door saying they have "Gone Fishing," or anything. Bill just asked if they have regular hours and was told "from 7:30am to 3:30pm." But you have a fifty fifty chance of catching them, even if you don't go around lunch time. We know becuase it happens all the time.

It has been one problem after another with them. It has been SO bad in fact that we are in the process of putting in an outside wood burning stove to get rid of the need for any propane but certainly not AMERIGAS.



Tim, who works at the place below, said he would be out on a certain day. That day came and went and he didn't show up, didn't call. Bill stopped in to talk to him and he said he would be out on a certain day and the same thing happened. He never showed up, never had the decency or courtesy to call and let us know he wouldn't be here. We called John in the list above from Young and Furlong's. He did what he said he would.

D & H Welding
910 East Main St
Horse Cave, KY 42749



Bob, who works for the business below, did the loading for Marty Miller above. Marty did a wonderful job of logging for us but Bob, tore up a lot of our land. A lot of it. And one of his drivers completely destroyed our elderberry bushes even though we had them flagged with red. As if that wasn't enough, he decided he didn't want to take the logs out that way so went another way. Bill showed him where he could drive to avoid any more damage of our landscaping but he went right over it, wooden ties, concrete blocks and all and completely crushed over $2,500 worth of plants. He has never came back to fill in the ruts which are over 2 feet deep in many places and filled with water and mosquitoes. We would warn everyone to avoid him like the plague.

Hardy Valley Lumber
390 Cemetery Rd
Horse Cave, KY


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