Customized Modular and Manufactured Homes

What does the word "CUSTOMIZE" mean to you? In the housing market it is a word they use as a sales gimmick to make you think you will be able to choose or change ANYTHING you want in a home. It does not necessarily mean that. If you so much as choose the color scheme of your home it is "CUSTOMIZED."

Whether you are thinking of buying a manufactured home, a modular home, a site-built home, a panelized or pre-cut home the same thing applies to all of them. Find out what the retailer means by "CUSTOMIZED." Don't let the word itself make you think that any one retailer or builder is better than the other. They all "CUSTOMIZE" homes.

There are many things you CAN do to customize your manufactured home. You can choose from different window types, cabinet types, color schemes, flooring, foundations and much more. You can even have some walls removed or added but it depends on which walls and where they are located in the home. In some situations, you can even do some of the inside finishing work yourself.

You cannot make major floorplan changes or use your own floorplan unless you are willing to pay a LOT more for this service and it will probably have to be done by a company that specializes in this type of customization. You cannot knock out all the interior walls and leave only a shell, some of the interior walls are loadbearing walls and are necessary for the structure to be strong.

Keep in mind that, depending on what you want, you will probably have to order your home to get what you want. This will take a little longer but you will have much more choice in what you get. The manufactured homes you see on a lot will give you ideas of what is available. However, since the homes are "customized to order" as they are built, very little can be changed without going into a lot of expense after they are delivered to the dealership.

If the dealership has the ability to make changes, they are going to charge a lot more for this service than you would pay if it were built in. Even upgraded options will be less expensive if added at the time it is built rather than afterwards by the dealership or other contractor.

Manufactured housing offers a large choice in styles, layouts, energy packages, appliances, flooring, wall coverings, sidings, cabinetry - the list goes on and on. Ask your manufactured home retailer what he/she has to offer.

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