Cranes and modular homes

Lifting the box, or module, over with a crane.


The most important consideration in site preparation for a modular home set is the crane.


The crane operator is the one in control when he is on site and can call off the job if he feels it is unsafe or impossible to do.



He will need:

  • at least a 30-foot wide area - dependant upon the situation
  • a location close to the foundation, cranes don't usually move once they lift the home sections
  • a level site
  • and more cribbing should be on hand just in case Most cranes' capacity far exceed what is needed for the normal home set. They are usually rated from 75 to 90 tons. A a 14- by 40-foot module, including anything placed inside loose, usually weighs about 45 lbs. per square foot, would be about 560 square feet and would weigh about 13 tons. This would be easy for a crane to lift.

    You will also need to provide the distance between the crane pad and the farthest point on the foundation. Although a crane will not usually move once the home is lifted, it can extend its boom but it will cause the crane's weight lifting ability to decrease.

    A bulldozer should also always be available to move the transporters into position so the crane can reach them. Some builders have been known to try to do without one to save money but it usually ends up costing more money in the long run.

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