Maintaining your countertops in your manufactured home

High-pressure laminated countertops are usually the preferred choice due to their easy care.

They can be cleaned with warm water and liquid detergents. Avoid abrasive cleansers that can scratch and ammonia products that can discolor the countertops.

Acrylic fiberglass molded lavatory tops are also recommended to be cleaned in this manner.

You need to protect this type of countertop from high heat. Use of hot pads or wire racks is highly recommended between the countertop and hot utensils.

If your countertop becomes damaged, it is sometimes possible to do a temporary repair with silicon, (depending, of course, on the extent of the damage). Usually, however, you will need to eventually replace the countertop. This can be done by a professional or, if you are good at do-it-yourself types of jobs, you can perform this replacement yourself.

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