Constructing a modular home

  • Before construction, all building plans must be reviewed and approved by the state where the manufacturer will sell the home.

  • They must be built to the code for the state where the home will eventually be placed.

  • Modular homes begin as components that are designed, engineered and assembled in the controlled environment of a factory.

  • All walls, flooring, ceilings, stairs and carpeting are completed in the factory before shipment.

  • A final inspection by a third party, hired by the manufacturer, checks for flaws. If any are found, they are fixed.

  • When the home passes inspection a label is placed on the home certifying it is in compliance.

  • The manufacturer will give the modular builder - or dealer - the foundation specifications when the home is ordered.

  • After construction. the separate modules are loaded for transport, usually on a flatbed trailer.

  • A modular builder is the one who receives and "builds" the home on the site. The home will have been purchased from a dealer, not directly from the manufacturer. The dealer may be the builder or may have hired someone to serve as the builder.

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