Constructing a manufactured home

  • Manufactured homes start with a steel frame which has wheels and a hitch attached. To support the outside walls of the home outriggers are put on.

  • The wooden flooring is constructed and the heat ducts, plumbing lines, insulation are installed.

  • Accesses to plumbing are installed, carpet and other floor coverings are laid.

  • The furnace and hot water heater are both installed.

  • Walls are fastened securely to floors.

  • Insulation and pre-wiring are then put into place.

  • Cabinets are installed.

  • Electrical receptacles and switches are connected.

  • The house is plumbed.

  • Ceilings are secured into place with vapor barrier and insulation installed.

  • Roofing, siding, windows and doors are next.

  • A final inspection checks for flaws. If any are found, they are fixed.

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