Community living in a manufactured home

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Today's Manufactured Home Communities are not what they used to be. Gone are the "trailer parks" of the past. Today they are well-planned, attractive and secure and offer many services and amenities. Depending on the region of the country, manufactured homes can save you 20 to 35% per square foot than a site-built home. Compared to condominiums and apartments, manufactured homes are less expensive, quieter and have their own yard and parking space. More and more people are finding community living an attractive alternative when considering where they will live.

The Benefits of Leasing Property in a Community

When you make your housing purchase with the cost of land included, your total housing cost increases significantly. When owning your home but LEASING land in a community your initial investment is much lower. This can give you more money each month for living expenses or extras you want and need. Investing these savings could help offset the rent on the homesite. You might even decide to buy a larger home than you would have since you might be able to afford one with the money you save on a land purchase.

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Services Offered

When you live in a subdivision you are responsible for the care of everthing since you are the owner of both the house and the land. In many modern manufactured home communities, many of the "chores" that you would normally be responsible for are taken care of by the community like lawn maintenance. Also, they can offer amenities such as pools, clubhouses, cable TV, playgrounds and storage facilities. Most of these services are usually included in your monthly rent.

Safety and Security

Most manufactured home communities have a perimeter wall that has only one point of entry and exit. Many have security guards that ensure only residents and their visitors have access and some even provide security to patrol the community to ensure safety. Neighbors also look out for each other. Residents can leave their home for long periods and not have to worry about security.

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Resale Value

Because of the financial benefits already mentioned you might find that reselling your home in a community is quicker and easier than in a subdivision. Your price will be more competitive than homes the same size even with land included. The amenities and services in your community will help you sell your home. Three factors will determine resale value:

  • Your home's condition

  • Location of the community

  • Condition of the community

In a community, the management helps your homes resale value by maintaining the overall community. Making the community attractive to new residents also protects their investment.

Community living - quiet, secure neighborhoods where children can play and neighbors know and care about each other.


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