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Your Comments Are Welcome!

We keep and cherish the comments we receive from YOU
and have put some of them on this page. If you have sent us a
nice note or comment, see if you can find yourself in any of these.

Thanks so much for all the information I have found here! I actually feel
like I know something about buying my home now. I am definitely going
to go with a doublewide. I also checked out your farmers market section.
I love markets and fresh veggies. Thanks again for the help.
SN, North Dakota

I have just started looking into the purchase of a home for my son.
We never thought we would stumble across all of this information
that you have so graciously provided us, and itís free, too! This is
his first home and we did not know anything about the modular and
manufactured homes that are being offered. We now feel that we
can approach any of the dealers with enough knowledge to question
the salesperson and make them think. The information you have
provided is awesome we cannot tell you enough how much this has
helped us to move forward. We will begin shopping very soon and
when we do make the purchase we will not forget your help.

I do not know how to thank you enough. We will definitely pass this
information on to others as we stumble across someone looking to
purchase a new home.
Thanks again! DB


Hi. My mom is a real estate agent and has got me interested in the
different kinds of homes she sells. I found this website while doing a
search for info and have found lots of things that helped me. I might
know more than my mom now!
Thanx. Jerome, KS

I stumbled across your website while trying to find out the pros and
cons of adding on to a manufactured home. Such good information!!
Thanks again for your input. It was very useful and appreciated.

I came in here to read some of the comments and after reading
some of them I feel like saying something too. I am a single mom
and have found a lot of good information here to help us find a new
home. My daughter and I have been reading and learning together
and we both want to say thank you for everything.
Ann and Cindy, IL

My ex-husband used your website several years ago to help us buy
a home. We are divorced now and I need to buy another house for
myself and my two kids. I vaguely remembered him telling me a lot of
the things he found on your site and now it was my turn to need help.
Fortunately I was able to find you in a search and I am using the
information I find here to help me. Thank you so much.
S B - Pennsylvania

I just spent the last couple of hours soaking up all the
great info on your rebelhome.net website.
Thank you for providing all the insight and tips.
Even though I've purchased several homes and
been through the setup/installation phase, I learned a lot.
Thanks, Mrs. B

I'm a Dealer in Colorado and I was browsing your website.
Though I'm not sure who you guys are, I sure am
impressed with the information on your site.
You offer potenial buyers unbiased facts about the
Manufactued housing industry.
Thanks again for the valuable knowledge.
C S - Colorado

"Thanks for the info. I never knew there was so much
to know!"
PT - Utah

"We found a home. It's beautiful!
Thank you for all the help.
Keep up the good work!"
K & C M - Pennsylvania

"Thanks for your help. Our best to you."
JS - Indiana

"My wife and I are moving to Texas and did not know how
to get information. Your information helped us make
several contacts.
Thank you very much."
FG - Germany

I have found the openness and honesty at your web site
refreshing and admirable. Don't lose that personal touch
you add to your web site, it makes it by far the friendliest.

"Thank you for the update. I really appreciate the
information you
have given me."
MC - Maryland

"Mr. Bill! Thank you so much for your email! I have gone
to your website and am at this moment printing out a
bunch of very useful information. I especially enjoyed
seeing who is really in charge, "Freya." Thanks again,
I will let you know when I get my new home."
D T - California

"Great work. Thanks a lot!"
J H - Idaho

"I would like to Thank You for your web site. My wife and
I just orderd our new home. Without this web site, I would
have lost or had to pay for 14 axles and 28 tires and
wheels that will be on our new home."

"Thanks for the website... I will read everything before I
make a decision.

"Thanks so much for replying. We tried this last year but
we could not find a place to put it and the company we
were going through were not much help. I'm going to
check out your page again.
L M - Arizona

"My friend gave me your website. I am very glad cuz I don't
have a clue about buying a home. This is my first.
Thanks again."
A F - Texas

"Thank you. You have been very helpful."
P V - New Mexico

"I'm 78 years old and never knew there was still so much I
could learn about homes.
Thank you so much!"
H B - New Jersey

"I was just at the computer and you came to mind. I just
wanted to write to say hi and hope everyone there is fine.
Have a blessed day!"
E & T S - North Carolina

"Thank you so much for your quick response!"
T S - Ohio

"Dear Bill and Pat,
I am still in active pursuit of my dream
home. I'll keep looking and with your help will find a nice
place. A ? for you - How far are you from Charlotte? The
teenager is wanting to go paintball up his clothes.
Thanks again."
C O - North Carolina

"Thank you so much for the information on your website.
My husband and I were really glad to get it. It is helping
us to make a good choice."
S & HL - North Dakota

"Thanks for your quick response and consideration for
our privacy. One often wonders if when sending out
email one will be inundated with spam, etc."

"Thank you for your prompt reply to my query. I found
the website to be very easy to navigate and very
P J - Indiana

"I didn't know what I was doing. This is the first time I
have bought a home. With your help and information I
was able to avoid some possible problems and found
a dealer I can work with."
Thank you.
C W - Tennessee

"Thanks for the info. It's nice to know that the homes
can be made to take higher winds."
P V - Michigan

"Thank you for the information you have sent us. I have
bought a new house. Thank you for your help and have
a wonderful day."
N H - Montana

"Cool site! I've bookmarked it so I can go back. Lots of
stuff there!
R K - California

"We thank you for the information you have sent us and
will refer you to anyone who will be looking into buying
a new home.
Once again, thanks."
M C - Indiana

"We did it! We bought a home and we love it. Thanks!"
D & R W - New York

"I am a first time mobile home buyer, and consider myself
very analytical and detail oriented. I just wanted you to know
I found your website to be one of the most informative and
complete on any given subject on the internet. I have gone
through all of your topics & feel sure I don't need to ask if
there's anything else I'm forgetting."

"Thank you for the information. I have passed it on to
two of my friends who are looking for a home. I'm sure
it will help them as much as it did me."
K M - Vermont

"Thanks so much for the information. It was exactly
what we needed."
J H - New Mexico

"It was funny! I knew more than the salesman! He told
me there was no such thing as a standard features list.
When I got home and looked at the info he gave me -
there it was! LOL! Thanks!"
C A - Georgia

Please be advised that we made our decision and have
purchased our new home. We thank you for the information
you have sent us and will refer you to anyone who may be
looking into buying a new home.
Again thanks for the information."

"I was trying to find info for my daughter and her husband.
When she comes over again I will show her what you sent."
L S - South Dakota

"Thank you very much for the information you provided.
It answered many of my questions."
D T - Wisconsin

"Thanks for keeping me updated. I really appreciate the
information you have given me."
M C - Maryland

"Thanks so much for the information. This is a big step for
us and your site answered a few questions I didn't even
know I had. Beautiful dog! Another Kentuckian...."
J & MP - Arizona

Thank you for getting back to us. I have printed out
the info and will be able to get back with you later."
H W - Tennessee

"Bill and Pat,
Thank you so much for this information, you responded
so quickly! That is great! Thanks again!"
V T - Idaho

"Thanks for the info. We are from MN and are new at this."
J M - Minnesota

"What a great site! Every time I go there I find something
I never seen before."
Thanks again!"
N Y - Michigan

"Bill and Pat,
Just wanted to touch bases with you again.
I haven't bought a home yet but I am working out the details.
Thank you for your help. I am very satisfied with my choice."
C W - Nebraska

"Hi Bill, and Pat:
We found a home! Thank God, I was beginning to think I would
never find anything that I liked, but when I walked into this
home I knew as soon as I walked in the door it would be mine.
It's beautiful! Thank you for all the help. Keep up the good work!"
K & C

"I forwarded the information you gave me to my brother
along with the URL. He is the one wanting it and he was
surprised at all the information he found on the website.
I am sure you will be hearing from him but for now,
thanks from both of us."
P G - Arizona

"Thanks very much for all your time , we really appreciate it.
Have a good day!"
D & D S

"Where do you find the time to put all that effort into a
website? I barely have time for housework!
Anyway, thanks a lot!"
A T - Vermont

"I am looking for a home for my mother and really found
a lot of good information on your website especially the
things about communities as that is where she will be
Thank you so much."
B D - Florida

"Thank you for all the info over the past few months. It has
really been helpful." B W - Indiana

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the information your site
provides. Me and my husband are 25 with 3 kids thinking
about buying one and your site provided a huge amount
of information."
M & J - Ohio

"Thank you for thinking of us and reminding us of the
homes for sale out there. I love the high-end homes.
That is what my husband and I want. Our purchase will
be in a year or two at the most."
D & L H - South Carolina

"I contacted the NC state association like you said and
they sent me all kinds of information.
Thanks again!"
B V - North Carolina

"Thanks for all the information over the last two years.
We just bought a house!"
B C - Louisiana

"I needed info ASAP and you responded within 15 minutes
of my request. I was impressed! I am at your website now
and looks like I will be there a while."
Later, O T - Texas

"To whom it may concern,
I really want to commend you on your internet site. There
are so many questions I needed answers to that I found
in your site. You also gave me insite to things I had no
idea about so I really have to say thanks and keep up the
good work. I'm sure there are a lot of people that could
use your information.
Thank you"

You must have a very special energy that draws people
who need help to you! I know I have really appreciated
your kindness!
R J - Oklahoma

"Wow! I thought I knew what I was doing. Boy was I wrong!
I'm glad I found you. I know a lot more than I did a couple
weeks ago.
Thanks a billion!"
J O - Pennsylvania

"Dear Friends,
I don't know if I will be able to afford a permanent home
but the information you send is always invaluble. I just
wanted to say thank you."
D S - West Virginia

"Thank you for taking the time to email me personally. I am
really impressed with your website. It has helped to answer
a lot of my questions. Now I can walk into a dealership
with confidence.
Thanks again."
J T - Louisiana

"Mahalo for the great advice. I really appreciate it."
K T - Hawaii

"I hope you don't mind if I pass this on to a friend of mine.
She is looking for a home too. This was a cool place.
Thank you."
W L - Tennessee

"I love your webb site. You guys bring a fresh feeling of honesty
and caring to the business world. I thought those days were
gone. Thanks to your webb site, my research has been made
much more easier and factual. And let's not forget honesty here!!!!!
Thank you for your help."
J M - Washington

"My brother and sister-in-law told me to tell you thank you
for the state association address you sent me. They have to
move there in a couple of months and it will sure help them."
J R - Alabama

"Hey! This was great! You really knocked yourself out.
Thanx!" B U - Pennsylvania

"Thank you for passing on the information. I know it will
help us to go through the process of buying a
manufactured home.
N G - Vermont

"I just got your email and wanted to say thank you for putting
together such a wealth of information. Beautiful website
by the way.
Thanks for the help."
A Z - North Carolina

"Thanks for the mail. The website was great. (GET EVERYTHING
IN WRITING HUH?) I appreciate your help."
K W - Florida

"Dear Switzers:
Your immediate response to my request proves your
professionalism. That is a wonderful thing in America today. So
you've created a "monster" while conforming your parks list,
at least it is on paper, mine is an 11 year old boy. LOL.
Thank you once again!!
Enjoy the autumn and God Bless."
K - New York

"I can't believe that I will move in less than 3 months.
I got a lot of accurate info from your site and related links.
Thanks for all your effort."
E A - Michigan

"I wasn't entirely sure a manufactured home was right for
me. Now I know I'm going to love the one I just ordered.
Thank you for all the information!"
L G - Washington

"Excellent website. That was the best concentration on
information we have found."
S B - Illinois

"Thanks for the info. You have been great. I bought a house
and really love it."
S H - Washington

"Boy, you sure know your "stuff"! That was a good explanation
of the whole process! Thank you!"
R J - Oklahoma

"My Mom gets very excited when I let her loose on my
computer and she finds all this information. She spent
2 hours at your site.
Thank you!"
O C - South Carolina

"I'm still at your website and thought I would stop and
say thanks. This is wonderful."
N D - South Dakota

"Everything on this website is very useful. I'm planning
on buying a manufactured home and all the information I
printed off this website will prepare me for all the crooks
out there."
W V - Louisiana

"Thank you for the new photos. I love the highend models
that look like bungalows which is my favorite style of
L D - Georgia

Thanks for the updates. I still haven't made up my mind
and this new information really helps!
L E - Wisconsin

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