Battle Buddy Foundation.
Providing highly trained psychiatric, mobility and therapy service dogs
to veterans of all eras suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress,
Traumatic Brain Injury, and physical limitations at no cost.
To learn more and how YOU can help, please visit our website
and thank you for your support!

Finding Bluebook values on used
manufactured or modular homes

You might be thinking of selling your manufactured home and don't know how much you should ask for it. Or you might be considering buying a used manufactured or modular home and don't know how much it is worth. Using a Bluebook to find the value of a used manufactured home will help.

Sometimes you can find a Bluebook to look up the value of homes at a library. Banks and manufactured home dealerships would have one but may expect a small fee for looking this information up for you. The manufactured home dealerships may also expect you to buy from them as well.

There may also be a few places on the internet where you can look them up but we heard that you have to pay for this service. If the fee charged is not a large amount it would probably be worth the cost.

I found this website where you can get bluebook values
on homes, cars etc. They do charge a fee but
you might want to check it out.

Milk Bone helps Canine Assistants.
Milk Bone has been a major contributor to the Canine Assistants Program, a charity organization whose goal is to raise and train service dogs for the people who need them the most. That means that every time you buy a package of Milk-Bone dog snacks, a portion of the proceeds goes to fund the Canine Assistantsí programs.

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