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The Base Price of a Manufactured or Modular Home Should Include...

Typically, a manufactured or modular home includes: a living room; a kitchen with range and refrigerator; dining area or separate dining room; one or two bathrooms; two or more bedrooms; cabinets and closets; an automatic heating system; a water heater; carpeting and other floor coverings; and curtains or draperies.

When considering the price of a home, you should take into account items, like those above, that will not have to be purchased separately at retail prices.


Optional items that can be purchased as part of the home include: central air conditioning (a unit can be added, at any time); laundry equipment (washer and dryer); dishwasher; garbage disposal; central vacuum cleaning system; and stereo equipment.

Also considered as options but well worth looking into to customize your home if you are ordering it are things like different styles of windows, different types of dormers, awnings, porches and decks to mention a few. Some of the items that come with as standard features in a home may be upgraded such as carpet, appliances and other features.

When custom ordering a home you will need to take into consideration that it will usually take 4-12 weeks to build, averaging on 5-6 weeks. Then it has to be delivered and setup which will vary according to various factors such as: weather, site preparation, delivery considerations, (distance, breakdowns etc) and the workload of the setup crew. As you can see, it will take a while, but this way you get exactly the home you want and feel happier about your investment.

Generally, the basic purchase price will include transporting the home to the site of your choice within a prescribed area and setting it up for initial operation. However, it is always wise to ask whether this is included in the price, and to have it written into the sales contract.

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