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Putting a concrete slab or pad under
an existing manufactured home

Please keep in mind that when we answer a question the answer is based on our experience and is our opinion only. There are too many factors involved that make each situation different. These are just suggestions for you to consider. You will have to decide what is best for you in your situation. This information will be nominal but should give you an idea of what to talk to local contractors about.

It is possible to pour a concrete pad under an existing, (already set up), manufactured home. Our assumption would be that the best bet would be a concrete pump truck which has an articulated boom on it so the cement can be delivered to spot locations at a greater distance. One would probably need to build the concrete forms in smaller sections and pour the cement with the boom delivery system under the home. It would be quite hard, we would think, to get a really smooth surface on the concrete as you would be working in such a confined space. It would also be a time consuming job whether building the forms or pouring the cement.

It would probably not be a good idea to try to jack up a manufactured home as one would a stick-built home to give more working space. A manufactured home would possibly be more prone to structural damage, drywall, etc. and would need a complete releveling after the job was completed.

It would be possible, although very hard, to build the forms and then have a group of people "pull" the cement under the home section by section as it was poured from various sites around the home, always working toward one end and one corner. Costs are almost impossible for us to even estimate as you would have to find a contractor who would be willing to do the work in your area. Finding someone who would even consider the job might be very difficult.

After thinking about this for a while, if we were considering doing this for ourselves, we would probably find somewhere else to live for a month or so. We would then have a crew move the home off the setup site - IF - there was somewhere for it to be moved temporarily. After moving the home, there would be plenty of room to work and just about any contractor would take on this job and charge a regular price. After the slab is done, the home would be moved back onto the original setup site and set back up again. Although this sounds involved - and it is - it would probably be cheaper, believe it or not.

Another option to consider would be to choose another site, prepare it and move the home to the new location. BUT, you would first have to consider that additional hookups would have to be installed and you would have to have room for a new location.

Since each city and state have different codes and pricing, you will have to contact the contractors in your area to get quotes on pricing.

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