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How much can a manufactured or modular home dealer afford to sell you?

How much can the DEALER afford to sell you? Let's think about that.

In Webster's dictionary, the definition of "afford" is:  "to manage to bear or to bear the cost of without serious loss or detriment." If a salesperson's idea of selling you a home is selling you one that causes you a lot of heartache or problems, they can't really afford that. Neither can YOU.

Say for instance, you tell them that you can't afford things like a full foundation, a professionally graded lot or an anchoring system. Yet you tell them you want things like air conditioning, upgraded carpet and other options. The salesperson should know that the foundation etc. is what will make the home more durable. They should know it will cause far less problems. Can they afford to sell you the home you want without as least mentioning the importance of those items? Not really but what if they don't know any better?

Many people don't really know what it takes to make a home durable and a joy to own. Even the most expensive home will be big time problems if it isn't setup correctly. Salespersons may not know what is more important. Some of them have never sold a mobile home before. It may be their first day on the job. That is why it is up to YOU, the buyer, to know what is best. To know what YOU can afford.

Sitting in your home on a hot summer day, with that wonderful air conditioning, feels kind of nice, huh? But it doesn't mean near as much if the home suddenly leans to one side. Kind of makes it hard to keep that glass of iced tea on the table doesn't it? It could spill on that upgraded carpet.

It is great when you can afford to get everything. But if you can't, make sure you get what you CAN afford. A good home, well setup on a good foundation. You can add all that other stuff later.

A dealer can't afford to sell you a home that will cause you trouble. He won't be able to "manage to bear the cost without serious loss" of YOU the buyer. He can't afford to lose your business or the business you might bring him by "word of mouth." They need to keep on top of things and know what they are selling. But they don't always do that.

YOU can't afford to trust their judgement. YOU can't afford to not know what you are buying. Learn what you need to know to make your own affordable decision.

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