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How can I add an addition to an existing manufactured or modular home?

We want to add 2 bedrooms and a bathroom to my mother's existing mobile home. We don't want a second story, but want to add a "T" to the end. Is it possible to have this section built at the factory to match the existing home and add it instead of getting a contractor to build the addition?

It is possible that you could get a manufacturer to build you a unit for that purpose, but we are really doubtful of the prospects.

Some factories build what is generally called a "tag unit" which is usually a smaller unit to add to a double wide with a bedroom or the kitchen in it. Basically, making a triple wide with 1 section being about half size.

If you could talk to a local dealer, see if you could have a 2 BR and bath unit made, then have them set it up in the T you want, add in the door and such. It could be done, whether some one would be willing to do it or not is another question. You will just have to check with dealers or factories in your area.

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