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Added Bedroom


Can we add a bedroom safely to our manufactured home? We are in need of another one since we are getting married and have an additional child. How do you go about considering that, finding someone to do it, and finding a floor plan that will work with the already existing structure? Does it affect the value? How can you add an addition so that it match everything?

Building an addition onto an manufactured home is a bit different compared to adding to a site built. Start with the home level especially if it has been awhile since it's been checked. The addition should be designed to rest on piers just like the rest of the home. If the home is on a full concrete pad, then the addition should have a full pad also. Whatever method of foundation/pier/anchoring system used for the home should aslo be used for the addition. The idea here is to have equal effects of settling or heaving of the ground on both home and addition. This is just my opinion how it should be done if I were to attempt a project on my own manufactured home. A professional contractor might approach it another way.

Matching the interiors will be nearly impossible unless the home is very new. If that's the case, contacting the manufacturer (via the dealer) might get the same sheetrock, curtains, windows, etc. More likely, you will have to take samples to someplace like Lowe's, Home Depot, etc and get it as close as possible. Matching siding will probably be easier, although not necessarily an exact match due to fading if the home has been sited for awhile. Some of the siding can be relocated since it would actually end up on an interior wall.

You should start looking for a contractor by going to some of the manufactured home dealerships in your area. Explain what you are trying to accomplish and ask if they have either a crew or sub-contractor that do this kind of work. Maybe they can recommend someone with manufactured home experience. A contractor who has only worked on site built homes might be very good at what they do but are clueless when it comes to manufactured home characteristics.

Floor plans aren't as important in my opinion. Almost anything that will satisfy your requirements can be adapted to an existing home. The usual care in placement of the addition should be exercised. After all, you wouldn't want to site it on top of a septic tank or block an emergency exit window for example. Cutting access openings for the doorway should be handled with care to avoid cutting electric or water lines.

Properly done, an addition should improve the home's value. Naturally, a building permit will likely be required and the contractor can normally be expected to help with that provided it's written into the contract as such. Make sure you have all terms spelled out regarding responsibility for all phases of construction BEFORE signing anything.

Best of luck.

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