Amy Rolloff Charity Foundation.
Amy's program addresses the multiple causes of aggression, bullying, violence,
harassment and social isolation with the goal of getting kids back
to the business of playing, learning and just being kids.
Visit her website
to learn more about her foundation and how YOU can help - and Thank You!

Be a 5 A Day Kid!

On these pages we are going to have fun with fruits and veggies
and also learn some interesting stuff!

There are over 5,000 kinds of apples grown
right here in the United States - WOW!

Print out coloring pages and games.
Click on the page number you want to go to, then you can
print out that page. If you don't know how, ask someone to help you.

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Fruits and veggies can be fun to eat, too!
We have some recipes you might like to try.
You may have to get help from an older person and please
be careful anytime you work in the kitchen!

Click Here For Recipes

Here are some of your fruit and vegetable friends -

How many do you know and like to eat?









SAY KIDS! How much do you know about the food pyramid? It helps you learn how many kinds of foods you should eat each day. Click Here to see how well you do with the pyramid.

When you want a new best friend adopt one from the shelter - they'll love you for it!!

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