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A custom-built manufactured home today, offers far more than the mobile homes and trailers of the past. Hundreds of floorplans and many styles are available, including two story models, homes with log siding, (see photos at the bottom of this page), gabled roofs and much, much more.

Singlewide models, as well as multi-sectional doublewides and triplewides, can be found in many styles and price ranges. Because they are factory built, you can be assured that weather is not a deterrent and that the best tools and supplies can be used. You can customize a manufactured or modular home to suit your needs...       and make your dreams come true.

There are two major sections to the home information website. They include photos, financing and insurance information including how often you should get your credit report. You can learn how to read floorplans, and learn about different types and sizes of homes.

They will also help you to locate mobile home dealers or modular home dealers in your area. Find out what to look for and what to avoid and much, much more!

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- Manufactured and Modular Homes -
- Incredible Value and Quality -
- Affordable Comfort and Style -

Buying a home is usually the largest investment people make in their lifetime. A manufactured or modular home is an incredible value, with resale potential matching that of any type of home. Whether placed on your land, in a manufactured home community or mobile home park, your home will bring you many years of comfortable living.

Manufactured homes are consistently built to the high standards of HUD, (Housing and Urban Development). This consistency assures the quality of a manufactured home that may not always be as readily matched in a site-built home, modular home or kit home which depend on their individual state's codes. These codes may or may not be as good or better as HUD codes.

The manufactured home industry continually introduces new, innovative and cost-saving building techniques which ensures that quality, safety and durability of its homes constantly improve.

A manufactured or modular home is intended to be setup on a permanent foundation. Fewer than 5% are ever moved again. This is one reason they are no longer called Mobile Homes or Trailers. Their attractive, modern features blend well in any community setting.


Manufactured and Modular Homes - Customized Comfort and Luxury.



Quality construction, custom features, and the affordability of a manufactured home can help you realize your dream.




Attractive features in manufactured and modular homes grace any community.



No longer considered "mobile" and certainly not a "trailer," a manufactured or modular home is a good, solid investment you can live with
- and in -
for many years to come.




***Please do not ask us who manufactures any of the homes in this website. All photos are courtesy of Manufactured Housing Institute, are stock photos and have not been catalogued by manufacturer. Contact the manufacturers directly for more information.



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